A Fast Way to Know Your Soul

Right from the teachings of Don Juan. Here is someone who ate nothing but magic mushrooms for 10 days… and nothing else. He anonymously wrote a journal, recording his journey, detailing his experience on his blog: crackediphoneglass.wordpress.com. This person drank tea and lemon water, only. Why? We would like to know too.

Psychedelic fasting is a practice that reaches back into the depths of history as part of spiritual exploration in many cultures. This person wanted to know why it had. He found out.

Pushing the Limits of Mushrooms

Our pioneer is brave. He is also an explorer. His experience in the past year has been mind-expanding, to the point that he feels that human evolution is all about us working alongside plants, like mushrooms, to personally evolve. He has also moved on from the so-called experts that claim that psychedelic drugs are harmful, particularly natural ones. He decided to position himself as a test subject.

Everyone has a different journey. We feel that as long as it is not self-destructive, and research is showing that mushrooms are very limited in their ability to harm, and as long as this is conducted in a safe environment, then this activity should not be considered abuse, but exploration.

The 10-Day Mushroom Fasting Journey

Most native cultures that have experimented with plants have made fasting part of the experience. It has been very common for there to be fasting before mushroom gatherings, peyote ceremonies, and Ayahuasca rituals. Fasting after the event helps to integrate the insights. Light eating and fasting in association with psychedelics have been practiced for thousands of years.

Before embarking on this long-lived tradition, think about your own life experiences. Make sure you have some experience with fasting and also the use of mushrooms before you try combining them. Many times, during his trip this explorer describes his observations as being a result of a combination of fasting and shrooms. This person notes that eating mushrooms without fasting would not have produced as extensive an experience. This person even describes an encounter with a spirit that tells him that there was much wisdom to be gained by his fasting.

It is important to understand what it feels like to fast before you embark on a journey involving mushrooms. Learn more before you fast with an intent to enhance the psychedelic experience. Familiarize yourself with the sensation of fasting and familiarize yourself with the sensation of magic mushrooms, then record your own experience before beginning your journey.

Dealing with hunger over 10 days is quite a challenge. But as we have learned from his journal, hunger did not ever seem to be an issue with him.

The Experience

From the beginning of his journey, he writes that the effects were more profound than anything he had experienced before. Through the first few days, he felt feelings of a profound cosmic connection. As is commonly found when consuming magic mushrooms, effects tend to lessen once you build up a tolerance. His goal was not to merely trip extensively or as long as possible but to experience a spiritual journey and growth. In fact, on the fourth day the author reports having taken no mushrooms at all, as the mushrooms still had some continued effect, it was an opportunity for him to reflect on himself and his Christian faith, although without holding the traditional fundamentalist view of a singular belief system.

Upon having increased his doses toward the end of the fast, and reaching the 10-day mark, he reported that his experience was the biggest accomplishment of his life. He claims to have pierced through the depths of his soul. He also writes that he would have given his life savings to learn what he had on mushrooms.

This life has many mysteries, and how spiritual teachings actually came to be is, and may always be, up for debate. But the lessons this individual learned are very close to the teachings of prophets throughout history. Religious leaders may deny that psychedelics had anything to do with early insights into God and heavenly realms, but this person did experience many of the same profound ideologies, such as trust in yourself, love those around you, and learn and grow from life’s challenges.

Further Reflection

Zoomies believes in the responsible and safe use of entheogens and felt that it was important to share this blogger’s experience with you. What you decide is right for you is personal. It may not involve 10 days or be taken to the extent that this blogger took it. What is right for one may, or may not, be right for another. Zoomies encourages you to be in tune with yourself and your unique physical and mental qualities.

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