Magic mushrooms are a natural psychedelic that is highly sought after for their incredible effects. They are a natural psychedelic that can be harvested in a grassy field or forest, but picking them is not a viable option for everyone. 

Not everyone has access to a mushroom harvesting location, and not everyone is able to identify different types of mushrooms. There is a risk of mistakenly picking a poisonous species, which is the last thing anyone would want to experience.

So, how can one get their magic mushroom needs? Buy psychedelics online in Canada is the ideal solution.

It is now possible to buy shrooms online through reputable dispensaries. A simple search for “where to buy shrooms online” can yield many site suggestions. However, it is important to exercise caution and not make a purchase from the first shop you come across. This is not a decision that should be made hastily.

Why Buy Psychedelics Online in Canada?

Why buy shrooms online? Aren’t there other possible ways to get access to these psychedelics?

Purchasing psychedelic mushrooms from shady dealers, friends, social media accounts, etc., is possible. The only problem when doing these transactions is that you can’t be 100% sure of their legitimacy. 

Buying from a reputable source offers more than getting a real mushroom product. You can always find deals, discounts, a more comprehensive selection, and, most of all, quality. 

Lowest Prices

The first benefit of getting shrooms online is the possibility of buying them cheaply. You can choose from buying only a few grams to bulk, and all are affordable. Why? Because online dispensaries don’t charge for overhead costs.

Overhead cost is a business’s expense, including rent, utilities, employees, and more. Online dispensaries don’t have these expenses; therefore, they do not price their products high.

100% Guarantee with Reviews

Of course, not all online dispensaries are reputable. Some may be fraudulent websites that deceive buyers by promising extremely low prices for shrooms but delivering nothing in return. To avoid such scams, it is necessary to be able to identify fake or shady websites.

The best way to ensure a dispensary’s authenticity is by reading customer reviews. It may take some practice to distinguish between genuine and fake reviews, but with time, you can develop this skill. If you are unsure which reviews to trust, here are some tips to consider.

  • There is a balance between pros and cons. According to Jane Raymond, professor of psychology at the University of Birmingham, real reviews have a pros and cons balance. Additionally, the reviewer leaves some details about the product.
  • Check the tone and language. You must be cautious if the review mentions the product or the business multiple times. If it also sounds like it’s selling the product, chances are the review is fake.
  • Check multiple sites. You don’t just have to rely on the review left under a product. You can visit review sites like Trustpilot or social platforms like Reddit and forums. These sites will offer more details about the product you want to purchase.

Convenient Shopping Experience

Not everyone is comfortable walking into a physical shop and asking for assistance, especially those who suffer from social anxiety. Moreover, certain conditions and situations may prevent some customers from leaving their homes. Therefore, the best option for these individuals to access shrooms is through online dispensaries.

Online dispensaries provide a convenient way for customers to shop. These websites are easy to navigate, and the shopping process is straightforward. You can take your time scrolling through the products and researching them before buying. 

There is no one rushing you to make an immediate purchase. Additionally, when you buy online, you get your orders without leaving the house. 

Deals and Promos

It’s not only about buying affordable shrooms and the convenience that online dispensaries offer. But you get the chance to save more as well. 

When you visit an online dispensary, you will likely see pop-ups offering discounts. These dispensaries often provide many sales and promotions. Examples of such deals include 20% off on your first purchase, sign-up bonuses, referral programs, point rewards, and free shipping promotions.

What to Consider When Buying Psychedelics Online?

As with any purchase made over the internet, there are potential hazards and factors to bear in mind to ensure that the psychedelics you purchase are both safe and of high quality. Here are some important considerations to take into account.


There are hundreds of shroom products online, including dried shrooms, edibles, capsules, drinks, and tinctures. Before making any purchase, make sure that you briefly understand these categories. Here is a short overview of each item:

  • Dried shrooms: These are magic mushrooms in dried form. You can maximize this product in multiple ways; eating directly, making edibles, brewing tea, etc. If you want potent effects, dried shrooms are your perfect choice.
  • Edibles: Psychedelic edibles fall under the category of treats and drinks, such as sweet gummies and chocolate. These products contain a high amount of psilocybin, making them an excellent choice for a full psychedelic trip. They can also be used for microdosing as they contain a precise and manageable dose of psilocybin.
  • Capsules: You can either get high or use this product for microdosing. Like regular pills, shroom capsules have no flavour or aroma.
  • Tinctures: Similar to capsules, you can use a tincture for microdosing or tripping. With only a few drops, you can get the effects you desire.

Choose a Secure Website

When buying online, you need to choose a website that can offer you the security you need. Check if the site has an SSL certification. You can identify this with the padlock sign before the website address and an HTTPS. A website with SSL certification provides a safe and secure transaction. This means all information is only between you and the site.

You can also look at the payment options that a site offers. Ensure that your website of choice only partners with reputable fund transfer services. For example, you can trust the services of Interact e-transfer for a safe payment transaction.

Shipping Option

It’s important to check the shipping options when buying psychedelics online, as not every website delivers everywhere in Canada. Some sites offer services to limited areas, while others, like Zoomies, deliver anywhere in Canada. To ensure a convenient shopping experience, look for a site that can deliver to your area.

Also, take the time to check how long it takes before orders arrive. Most shipping can take 2 to 3 days, depending on the order volume. If your dispensary takes over a week, it is time to search for a new one.


The number of edibles or magic mushrooms you choose to buy should depend on how you intend to use them. However, it’s generally a good idea to purchase enough for at least one month. To save on shipping and handling costs, consider ordering months’ worth of dried magic mushrooms, chocolates, and gummies in advance, as they all have a long shelf life.

Quality Psychedelics in Canada

You can buy psychedelics online in Canada by simply searching for them on Google. You can find many websites, but not all offer high-quality products and services. Therefore, look through each site to get the best and safest products.

When buying shrooms, choose affordable but high-quality products. You can do this by shopping at Zoomies Canada, an online dispensary that provides premium magic mushrooms and excellent customer service. 

You can browse our online shop to find what you’re looking for, and if you need help choosing a product, just drop us a message, and our sales team will be happy to assist you.

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