If you respect and are mindful of the potential pitfalls when ingesting psychedelics, you can avoid some unfortunate outcomes. Although magic mushrooms are considered relatively safe, there are some things that you can keep in mind to assure that you don’t have an unpleasant experience. Being informed, and using responsibly, is critically important.

If you know enough to set up the proper parameters, but also keep an open mind, you can avoid some difficult experiences. Here are some guidelines for avoiding common mistakes.

What to Avoid

Avoid tripping without intention

One major misconception among many is that psychedelics are simply for “tripping,” seeing colours, or hallucination for the sake of hallucination. In truth, a psychedelic trip should be for much more than entertainment. Our minds are filled with all sorts of thoughts and images, so tripping without intention can result in some potentially negative experiences. Approach this journey with intention, and this experience may be profound and life-altering, like a significant therapy session.

Avoid the wrong setting

One of the most important aspects of your experience is the environment you choose for your trip. Make sure that you have privacy, or you’re in an unthreatening or unchallenging location. Allow yourself to explore and expand your limits in a risk-free zone.

It is not uncommon for people who are new to the experience to try psychedelics in a public place. Interacting with other people can yield some unpleasant experiences.

Avoid bad company

Some people are supportive and nurturing, others are insensitive or judgemental. Nobody needs bad company ever. During a trip, this can turn into a nightmare.

It might be preferable to trip with someone you know has had experience with psychedelics. Maybe this person is sober at the time so that they can truly be there for you. This is known as a “trip sitter.” The right person to accompany you can be as important as finding the right place.

Avoid mixing psychedelics with alcohol or other drugs

It is not a good idea to add other substances when ingesting a psychedelic. Ingesting a psychedelic is a powerful experience in itself. If you think you’d like a more intense experience, take a higher dose.

Alcohol is especially problematic in combination with a psychedelic. Adding alcohol can produce delirium, disorientation, and even produce violent thoughts. Also, drinking accentuates nausea and can make you vomit. You may find that vomiting turns a great trip into a real “buzz-kill.”

Mixing any drug with a psychedelic, is not a good idea, particularly if this is a new experience for you. Adding other substances to your psychedelic experience might be similar to accentuating negative feelings like resentment, anger, or regret. You might instead keep some water handy.

Avoid talking too much

This is very common amongst those who are new to this journey. They are quite enthusiastic about describing their new experience. If you talk too much, however, it might limit your trip, not allowing you to gain the introspection that could be achieved by simply relaxing and allowing your mind to reach deeper, subconscious levels.

Avoid disturbing images

A great way to assure a positive experience is to avoid unpleasant and disturbing images or videos. By steering clear of negative imagery, you are more properly preparing for an enjoyable journey. When experiencing a mushroom trip, you not only observe things you also feel them. Many times, these feelings are magnified. What you fill your mind with is important because it will be amplified during the experience.

Avoid time limitations

Time is distorted while tripping anyway. Time constraints can be a source of anxiety and even paranoia. It takes time to explore yourself.

Avoid bad moods

This is the basis for determining whether you’ll have a good trip or a bad one. We’ve mentioned some pretty specific things that can affect your journey. Your mindset is at the core of this experience. Maintain a positive mood, odds are you’ll have a positive experience.

Be mindful, but also go in with an open mind. If you have any questions, or simply want to hook up with us at Zoomies, we’ll help you through it. We provide high-quality psilocybin with high-quality information.

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