Like most of the utilized, distributed, and commercialized, magic mushrooms, Golden Teachers are in the psilocybin cubensis family. Still, it is uniquely famous for its characteristic of having a profound spiritual impact on the user. Although psilocybin and psilocin are its main psychoactive compounds, it is reported to deliver its own unique quality of trip.

This hearty and prolific species is said to be a provider of spiritual insight. Golden Teachers have been around for a long time, they are loved by cultivars for growing in great flushes and loved by psychonauts because of the profound psychedelic journey.

Strain History

First appearing in the 1980s, some say in Florida, others say as a PES Hawaiian (the PES stands for Pacific Exotica Spores). The name is largely due to the claim by a Dutch grower, that the entire shroom has a golden yellow colour that vanishes when it reaches maturity. It has become one of the most popular magic mushrooms for its ease of cultivation and the quality of the trip.

Strain Characteristics

Golden Teachers’ visual characteristics are its light brown to golden, or yellowish top caps. These medium size to large mushrooms provides wide caps that are ideal for spore printing (a preferred way to cultivate). Although it is, as yet, unclear whether Golden Teachers are more educational than other strains, there are many who claim that different strains deliver different qualities of trip; some more visual, some more physical, and some, like Golden Teachers, more philosophical.

Golden Teachers are a favourite among first-time growers due to their ability to grow in less-than-optimal conditions, although they are not as quick to fruit as other psilocybe cubensis. Your subsequent flushes will typically be larger and fatter than your first medium size flush.

The Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are best known for having a “shamanistic effect,” or providing a more spiritual experience, rather than simply a trip. Its psychedelic trip is a milder high, making it a good gateway shroom for new psychonauts.

A Golden Dose

Potency does vary, not only between species but also between batches of the same species. A recommended dose for Golden Teacher mushrooms is between 1 gram and 2.5 grams, possibly a small dose for an experienced shroomer, but a good starting point for those ingesting Golden Teachers for the first time.

It also depends upon the type of trip you are in search of. Are you looking for an intense experience or a milder and shorter journey? From microdosing (0.2 to 0.5g of dried shroom), a basic trip (0.8 to 1g of dried shroom), a bit more intense with some hallucination (1 to 1.5g of dried shroom), the classic trip (1.5 to 3g), or all the way up to 3 to 4g, or the reality testing 4 to 5g range, the experience can vary greatly.

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