The Narcotic Control Act and parts of the Food and Drugs Act were repealed when The Controlled Drugs and Substance Act was passed in 1996. This resulted in psilocybin (the compound in psychedelic mushrooms) being listed as a schedule III drug. This means that it is a substance that has a moderate to low potential for physical and psychological dependence.

Previously the Canadian government had set up a commission in 1969 that paved the way for a new attitude towards the policy on substance use at that time. It was called the Le Dain Commission and it recommended decriminalizing the possession and use of marijuana. The commission also called for the decriminalization of other drugs while further investigation was in process. The commission’s position was that these substances should be a public health issue, not a criminal court matter. It wasn’t until 2018 that the Canadian government decriminalized the recreational use of marijuana for persons over 18 years of age.


The Status of Magic Mushrooms

But what does that have to do with magic mushrooms? Although technically still considered illegal under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act, there is a relaxing of enforcement regarding the Controlled Drug and Substance Act. This means that currently, consumers can discreetly enjoy the benefits of magic mushrooms as they are not perceived as being the threat that they once were. Although we advise utmost discretion regarding the consumption and possession of magic mushrooms.

Buying magic mushrooms online from a safe and reliable source like Zoomies is the best way to acquire them. In British Columbia and many other places in Canada, mail order magic mushrooms arrive in a completely non-descript parcel, and it is highly unlikely that the police will interfere with that.

More studies and research are underway examining the positive results psilocybin mushrooms show for treating depression, PTSD, addiction, and much more. What was once considered a threat is now seen as a possible therapy.

Magic mushroom spores and spore kits are not considered illegal and are easily purchased online. You will therefore not run into trouble with the law if you grow and consume your own magic mushrooms.


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Treatment Status

The potential benefits of some psychoactive compounds compel the Health Minister to exempt substances like psilocybin for medical and scientific purposes. This lead the way for several other institutions to seek these exemptions and further legitimizes the use of psilocybin mushrooms.


The Champions of Full Legalization

There are some pioneers that are leading the fight for full legalization. One such advocate for patients suffering end of life distress is Bruce Tobin, a psychotherapist and professor at the University of Victoria. A strong advocate of the use of psilocybin to treat cancer patients suffering acute depression, he tirelessly fights for the rights of patients to have access to psilocybin.


Zoomies’ Discreet Delivery in Canada

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