We have begun to use technology to alter our experiences convincingly. Just add a headset. Now we are exploring the idea of combining a psychedelic trip with virtual reality. This has significant implications not only for recreation but also has practical uses.

For recreational users, although reality is pretty terrific itself, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from it. There are books, movies, computer games, theme parks, or any Disneyland, that people regularly explore for a bit of a break from it. There are also several amazing and helpful uses for business, multi-sensory experiences that enhance art, provide therapy and allow us to meet each other in a virtual world.


Psychedelics are a group of substances, some organic, some synthetic, that cause the user to hallucinate or perceive an altered reality, known as the psychedelic experience. This group of substances includes LSD or acid, mescaline, magic, or psilocybin mushrooms, and DMT– the hallucinogen found in ayahuasca.

Psychedelics are used for recreational, spiritual/ritual, and therapeutic reasons. Several factors determine the experience– like dosage, the type of drug, your body mass, your metabolism, or your mood. These factors determine an experience that can range from distortion of reality to a significant trip, in which the user may enter another universe or visit entities from another realm. Commonly, both historically and presently, a psychedelic experience includes a sacred aspect.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality uses technology to effect sensory input so that you are manipulated into perceiving the visual presentation as a real-world that you can explore. This experience often involves situations that couldn’t otherwise be possible.

The VR experience is typically a visual one. The VR headset is positioned like goggles over the eyes. The VR program meshes together a 3-D world that the user explores. Motion sensors change the view as the user turns their head, providing a 3-D view of the virtual world.

The uses for VR range from being able to visit any place in the world virtually, to allowing for people in the same team to show up and meet in a virtual world. This multi-sensory technology offers several benefits, whether for fun, learning, or therapy. One exciting application currently, is the use of VR to create interesting art installations.

Parallels of Psychedelics and Virtual Reality

If managed carefully, combining both VR and psychedelics could prove effective. Since everything we experience is through our senses, altering our perceptual experience could allow us to experience other realities that are controlled to elicit specific responses and outcomes. Used in tandem, and responsibly, this process could change the way we think, and so can be used as a valuable tool for modifying behaviour. Both psychedelics and VR have the capacity to evoke awe in the user and significantly alter perceptual experiences.

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