Five Things to Do After Your Trip

There is an emerging and important field of therapy called psychedelic integration therapy. To include psychedelic experiences as part of your self-discovery, we offer five tips for integrating the psychedelic trip growth experience into your life. Your life will change.

1. Remember Why You Tripped

There is almost a limitless number of reasons why you tripped. If you had a particular intention going in, it probably influenced what happened. You may have been at a significant crossroads in your life that might have greatly influenced the events on your trip. Basically, this process is similar to keeping a tablet of paper by your bed to write down your dreams. Your thoughts and interpretations could change your life.

2. Seek an Understanding Community

One important thing to remember is that there are many people like you. This community shares this journey with you. You may find it advantageous to learn about their experiences. There are entheogenic groups in every major metropolitan area. If you search for local integration therapist listings, you should be able to connect with a community of people with which you have this in common.

3. Honour the Limitations of Your Mind

Sometimes the psychedelic journey is expressed in ways that transcend words and are better expressed through art, movement, music, or anything that you can connect with and tune into. Being able to analyze feelings, sounds, or visions, can be poignant. Close your eyes and take time to go through what is referred to as the “embodiment” process.

4. Cultivate a Meditation Practice

If you’re not already meditating, you’ll find this is particularly helpful. Start with just 10 minutes a day in the weeks following a psychedelic experience. If you already meditate, you might either lengthen or deepen your meditation time or add sessions. This practice also helps you to set an intention. Meditation will help you achieve more and better integrate into your life information that you have gained from your psychedelic experience.

5. Consider a Psychedelic Integration Therapist

Whether you access a therapist in your area for your entire pursuit, you simply need help integrating a recent magic mushroom trip, or if there was a particularly challenging experience you need help integrating, an integration therapist can help. You may not be in a position to enlist the help of a therapist on an ongoing basis, but you might find it beneficial, even if you can only do a few sessions. Therapy sessions are an important part of processing and integrating psychedelic experiences.

This is an opportunity for transformation. Even if you feel that you have had a bad trip, you should consider several factors like your set and setting, your mindset, and your intention and mood going in? All these conditions can radically alter the experience.

So, start by creating a safe space for yourself. Realize that difficult is not the same as bad. As you embark on the trip, you can work through these difficulties and realize that you are experiencing them for an important reason.

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